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Inprinta® supply filtration devices to all aspects of digital inkjet.

Large capacity cartridges for bulk ink manufacture
Capsule filters
Last chance and in-line filters
Air filters
Bespoke design for OEM

Filters for specialist and standard inkjet applications are designed and tested by teams of engineers at our New Milton and Segensworth sites.

All filters are produced in the UK in our ISO accredited facility where clean room manufacture is a critical part of the manufacturing process.

Filters are produced from high grade materials, inert to all standard inkjet fluids and produced free of unnecessary binding agents.

All filters are quality tested throughout the manufacturing process.

Our varied range of filters make us one of the largest and most diverse inkjet filter manufacturers in the world today.

Key features of Inprinta® filtration devices:

High throughput
Large active filter area
Low pressure drop
Excellent particle retention
UV, aqueous and solvent compatible
Manufactured from Polypropylene, Stainless Steel, PEEK, Acetate
Multiple connectors
Micron rating from <1µm to 100µm

Inprinta® offers the product that that application demands. With a range of high volume industry-standard filters alongside OEM niche products, Inprinta® has the ability to produce and manufacture an extensive range of inkjet filter requirements.

Packaging has become more and more important in delivering a professional product, in terms of practicality and aesthetics. Inprinta® can offer private labelling, laser etching, tailored packaging and clear identification/traceability data to ensure the customer base receives a filter that looks as good as it performs.

Please contact Inprinta for further information on our product range, manufacturing services or distribution partnerships.

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