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Product Development

From initial concept design through manufacture and validation to in service support, our highly experienced team of dedicated engineers work to develop filtration solutions.

As part of the Porvair Filtration Group, the Inprinta® inkjet research and development unit is able to utilise all areas within its extensive development laboratories. The latest engineering tools of 3D CAD, Finite Element Stress Analysis, CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics and bespoke pressure vessel design software (PD5500, ASME VIII, BS EN13445) combined with over 30 years of proven experience and knowledge and a strong ethos of working closely with our customers, ensure filtration solutions that meet customers’ requirements.

Porvair is well known for filtration assemblies in Aerospace, Nuclear, Bioscience and Industrial applications. The development team use cross market intelligence to drive new ideas and produce new devices that benefit the Inprinta® inkjet division through new materials and processes. 

Our dedicated Test and Development Centre and Laboratory Services underpin our design and development activity from filtration media/material characterisation, product verification testing to customer systems simulation trials and in service performance evaluation.

Our capabilities include:
Filtration Characterisation

Multi-pass Filtration Efficiency ISO16889
Flat Sheet Single Pass Efficiency ASTM F 795
Modified F2 Test Efficiency/Life
Glass Bead Max Particle Passed Mil-F-8815
Pore Size Analysis (Porometer4)
HEPA Efficiency DOP/Ondina

Environmental Testing

Environmental Test Chamber –54ºC to 150ºC
High Pressure Flow Fatigue
Impulse Fatigue
Structural Collapse


Particle Counting, Gravimetric Analysis
Silt Density Index
Microbiological Analysis of Water
Optical Microscopy
Metallographic Investigations
Image Analysis

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