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The largest are of our specialised inkjet business covers OEM sales and development. Throughout our history we have designed a bespoke range of inkjet filters for our OEM partners.

Since the early 1990’s we have worked closely with OEM printer manufacturers to design, engineer, trial and manufacture many successful inkjet filters.

We serve our partners in all geographic regions of the world.


Within the OEM sector of our business the dominant sales are to printer manufacturers in the coding & marking and graphics market. Further to that OEM filters are also supplied to:

System integrators
Inkjet bulk ink manufacturers
Printhead manufacturers
Specialist inkjet coating manufacturers
Specialist conductive print applications

We continue to expand our OEM supply into both the textile and ceramics markets

These are exciting times in the inkjet market. As printers become faster and technology is driven by market demand, Inprinta® keeps pace with a growing list of OEM clients. Our technical team ensure new designs of filters fit each individual application and that everything from engineering knowledge, sample products to full manufacturing capability is done to agreed timelines and specifications. The flexibility of Inprinta® allows for short leadtime development, either working openly with OEM partners or by supplying a product engineered to an agreed customer specification.
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