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Inprinta® is the Inkjet sales division of Porvair Filtration Group, a world class filtration company delivering global solutions in Nuclear, Aerospace, Bioscience, Energy, Food, Beverage and Industrial Process.

Inkjet filtration devices have been manufactured in our ISO accredited site in the United Kingdom since 1989. The extended range of filters offers solutions to inkjet requirements through capsule, in-line, last chance, and bulk ink filtration.

Our direct-to-market filters are readily available with a wide range of options for a simple plug-and-play solution for many inkjet requirements. Alongside our direct-to-market filters we operate Inprinta OEM, a unit within the division that gives full access and technical support to OEM partners in the design, engineering and manufacturing of new and bespoke filtration devises in all inkjet printer and printhead applications.

Working directly or indirectly with over 50 OEMs, Inprinta is a critical supplier to the International inkjet sector, serving the global market through our divisions in the UK, USA and China

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